Blade3 & Brett

So tonight I watched Blade:Trinity. I thought it was badass – mainly because I love vampire movies and I loooove Ryan Reynolds… although it would’ve been nice to see him play a more serious character instead of taking on the role of comic relief all the time. Interesting choice in casting for the role of Drake/Dracula – it was the guy who plays John Doe on that tv show. No matter – he was still totally cool although his part should’ve been bigger since he was king of the damned and the main plot for the entire movie. It was cool to give him a makeover though – no pathetic looking Transylvanian count here. Jessica Biel was ok as Abigail but I want to have sex with whoever designed her wardrobe. And while we’re at it, I want to have sex with whoever designed the weapons as well.

Parker Posey looked utterly delicious as vampire bitch Danica Talos. She has this kind of sickly look to her skin – it almost looks so white at times that it’s slightly blue. And she looked so damn cool with those fangs on; she should just get them surgically attached to her.

+  +  +  +  +  +

On a completely different note, I sat outside with my cousin Brett while he was mixing some cement to work on the paving in the backyard at 10.30 this evening.

I think he liked me asking silly questions about what he was doing and how he learned how do to it. I think it made him feel smart – that there are some things that he understands and I don’t. I amused him by asking him things like how they actually get a new telephone socket connected and what he was planning to change in the back patio.

Brett and I don’t talk much. We’re both so loud and stubborn that we end up getting annoyed with each other. But tonight was a nice time for both of us to have a conversation on Brett’s terms… in his territory. I’ll let him think he’s smart this one time and then I’ll go back to giving him looks of disdain and rolling my eyes at him tomorrow.


I was talking to Caz about St Kilda the other day. I asked her to describe what it was like, since I only remember driving through the area.

Caz: It’s a real yuppie area. Filled with weirdos.
Jen: Hmm. Doesn’t sound that great then.
Caz: Not weirdos weirdos. Just weird people.
Jen: Explain weird people.
Caz: You know – they wear weird clothes and listen to weird music and watch weird movies I haven’t heard of.
Jen: What – you mean like arty types?
Caz: Yeah.. Arty farty weirdos.
Jen: But I’m kinda like that.
Caz: Yeah… you’d fit right in.

I still haven’t made up my mind about whether I should be insulted or flattered.

+ + + + +

Bianca took me there last night and I had a whale of a time catching up with her. We went to a little cafe for hot chocolate and affogato and then went off to The Espy to listen to some live music.

Before I dropped her home, we sat in the car and listened to some music.

You know you’re good friends when you sit there in the dark listening to music, not saying a word to each other.


Got to Perth on Monday.

Got diagnosed with a viral infection on Tuesday.

Was sick as a dog on Wednesday.

Got to Melbourne on Thursday. Today.

I was welcomed into this great city by one of the most beautiful sunrises. Magnificent. Brett and I sang along to Jay-Z vs Linkin Park on the way home.

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one // hit me

My room has this great smell. I don’t know what it is… but it’s so comforting. I never noticed it before. This whole house has a great smell.

On a completely different note:
It really bugs me how Gavin DeGraw holds back on his album. He can sing so much better. It makes him sound like a second rate artist. Grrr.

Mum vs Dad.

My father can’t sleep with too much noise around him but my mother likes to listen to the radio before going to bed.

My mother can’t sleep if the light is on but my father likes to read for half an hour before going to bed.

You think that after 26 years of marriage, there would be some mutual understanding between them about it, but they still argue and grumble at each other every night.

It’s so cute.


Just watched Alien Vs Predator again – this time with my dad.

Dad: What are all those flying things?
Jen: Uh.. that’s snow, Dad.
Dad: … oh.

Thank You.

Destroyed houses are seen in this aerial view of the town of Meulaboh in Aceh province, Indonesia, which was flattened by tidal waves on Sunday, photographed on Saturday, Jan. 1, 2005. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made his second visit to the region since Sunday's earthquake and tsunami to assess the damage and inspect relief efforts. (AP Photo/Dudi Anung)

We all may have many complaints about the way things are going in our own little worlds, but I thank every volunteer from the bottom of this heart of mine for your help in my broken country.

Goodbye Evenstar.

I went to a wedding yesterday.

But I don’t want to talk about that right now because…

Jen's lost pendant...

I lost my Evenstar pendant :(

Happy New Year.

It’s 12.36am now and I just finished having a shower. The hotel has a band and dj playing until the wee hours of the morning but I thought I’d call it a night. The band counted down 5 minutes early! We were making our way down to the pool where the festivities were being held and the singer started to count down. We weren’t too happy about that but hey.. what can you do huh?

Hehe. They’re playing ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain right now. I fucking love this song.

“I came to get down… I came to get down.. so get out your seat and jump around…”

What are some memorable moments of 2004?
 – I finished  2 songs and recorded one of them.
 – I recorded a cover.
 – Falling in lust. 
 – Making it through 2 weddings.
 – Getting a tattoo.
 – I got my very first paying job.
 – Getting an operation.
 – And today, I went parasailing for the very first time.

So Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2005 will be filled with love, joy, hope and countless blessings.


Arriving at the Conrad Hotel in Bali.

The lobby balcony overlooking the pool.

The main swimming pool.

The view of the hotel from the beach.

A traditional Balinese boat resting on the beach.

A cloudy day around the pools that surround the main pool.

Candlelight dinner.

Dreamland – a secluded beach in Uluwatu.

The bungalows built against the cliff face in Dreamlad.

Oyan and Arlene sunbathing.

Tina and her silly husband Arthur.

More pictures to come…