Where are you all?

So I’ve spent my morning ignoring the weight of the hundred and one errands I have to do today, and have instead been going through this blog reading old comments and trying to find the people who wrote them.

Man, I used to have a great community of online friends. We would write earnest musings about life and love and comment just as earnestly on each other’s entries. I didn’t feel like they were just spectators. I felt like a lot of them were really there, feeling all those feelings with me, and I stupidly didn’t keep in touch. And now they’re all gone. All grown up with these amazing lives – I’m sure.

I hope you are all happy, and the dreams you had when we were young and a lot more free have come true.



April 28, 2003

Boy oh boy oh boy.

Got back from Lancelin yesterday morning. You wouldn’t believe how tired I was. It was so lovely up there though. I ended up having such a great time.

Everything sort of blew up on Friday night. I found out that Kat was going to bring her baby up to Lancelin and I wasn’t too happy because Sandy had decided to go with Les so I would have to be stuck with it. I’m not good with babies so I pretty fucking pissed about it. But when I told Sandy to come with me so that Kat and the baby could go with Les she kept making excuses until I found out that the real reason she didn’t want to come with me was because she wouldn’t have to pay me a measly 30 dollars to pay me back for the car. I still think she should pay me back since I rented it for my friends.

I was so mad. Friday night would have been a crappy night if Z and I hadn’t gone to see Jimeoin. I love that guy. He’s so adorable. It’s weird because the stuff he talks about isn’t that funny. But you just can’t help but laugh at the way he speaks.

I woke up at around 7am to pack for Lancelin. Then Z and I went to pick up the Commodore… but.. it wasn’t a Commodore.. it was a Ford Falcon! BOO HOO. But it’s ok.. it was still a fucking awesome car. No stick shift for 3 days!! Yeeha!

Kat came by at around 1pm…and it was so unbelievably good to see her again. 3 years of hardly any contact and then she’s here in Perth. She didn’t end up bringing her baby… THANK GOD! She wouldn’t have to walk around with Nakeesha clinging onto her all night.
We drove to Sandy’s house and I didn’t really talk much to her while we were waiting for Les and Suz to get there. And when they arrived, Lyndon and Sandy got in their car, and we were off.

The trip up there was really excellent. After living in cities all my life, I could so see myself living further out.

It was about 3:30pm by the time we got there. Suz missed the turn along the highway and we had to make a u-turn. As I was turning, a huge rigger was moving towards us…. we didn’t die though. 😉

The party ended up being fucking awesome. There were some old St Hilda’s girls there that I didn’t talk to but Belinda Gayley was there. I didn’t like her when I was at school, but she was really cool that night. She brought her boyfriend, Courtney, along and he was such a lovely guy – so friendly and fucking gorgeous. Damn her.

Sleeping in the car was fucking awful and I’m going to attempt to NEVER do that again unless I REALLY have to.
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My Commodore.

Well, today I am going to be picking up my Commodore. Ok so it’s not REALLY mine. I get to pretend it’s mine for 3 days though!

We’re going up to Lancelin this weekend. It’s Ruth’s birthday party tomorrow and we’re all driving up there to see her. It’s going to be crowded and loud.. and FULL of drunk people… *sigh* but we’re good friends so I shall go.

I’m getting a little annoyed with everyone because I seem to be the one that is trying to plan everything and I hate it when that happens. And now my plans are ruined….

The Plan:
Les and Suzanne are going up together in Suz’s car.
Sandy, Z and I would go up in the Commodore.

But then, Sandy invited Lyndon and his friend Judd, which means that poor Z may have to go with Suz! AND.. to make things worse… Katerina FINALLY called up to say that she was coming which means that she has to go with Suz too! I don’t even know if that’s OK with Suz! It’s not like I have a problem with Lyndon.. he’s a really awesome guy.. I just wanted everyone to be comfortable and everything and I don’t think it’s going to be like that now.

AND to make things even worse… Les doesn’t want to stay the night up there, which means that a bunch of people may have to go home early. And that’s not cool.


But hey… at least I’M ok. I HAVE A COMMODORE.

An email to Jordan.

Hey Jay Jay! hehehe

Sounds like you’re having a blast over there in Melbourne. You lucky bastard, you. Don’t forget to buy lots of crap that you’re never going to use and a souvenir for yourself that actually has MELBOURNE written on it. You need proof that you actually went. For all you know, I could be in Zimbabwe watching some psycho cheetah attack a poor and helpless gazelle in the African plains, sipping tea and talking with the natives. Did you know that there’s a tribe in Africa whose people have only two toes? They have these weird feet that sort of end in a V shape. Uber weird, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I have some bad news. I have misplaced your lyrics. I would like to say that I’ve been working on them but I haven’t because I’ve been lazy. I could lie to you and tell you that I’ve been hard at work planning this gig of ours, but lying isn’t nice. And you’d probably KNOW that I’m lying because, well, come on… JEN??? WORKING ON TAFE SHIT???? “I don’t think so,” says the world. Jen + tafe work = a bad headache and a stream of blood pouring from Scott’s head. We’re like water and oil, we are. (eerr… I’m talking about tafe work and me.. not Scott and me.)

I’ve gone way off track. Like I said, I’ve misplaced your lyrics because I suck… but it’s ok.. I really need some more input from you or something. If you can sort of get some melodies into your head and onto a tape it would be easier for Rob and I to try to get an idea of what you want.

Ok.. I’m going now. I need to work on my website.
Check it out by the way.. it’s a brand spanking new one – http://ua.net

Take care!!


24- all day long.

Phew what a DAY.

I am lucky enough to have Foxtel and Zehra and I have been watching 24 all day. It started last night at around 10pm and I watched 5 episodes but at around 2:30am I got tired and headed to bed. I woke up at around 11am and went downstairs and continued watching. Zehra had fallen asleep at 9am and woke up when I sat down. So she debriefed me on what I had missed and then we both continued watching.

I was interrupted from my 24-fest by Adam, who came over because I promised him I’d go out and buy a guitar with him. So we quickly went out and he bought an Epiphone acoustic for $309 – a bloody bargain, I tell you!!! He’s so proud of it.

When we got back to my place, Adam helped me drill holes into my wall to stick up my awesome cd rack. I tell you something… Adam is NO handyman. Sorry Ads. lol If I hadn’t come to help him, I think my whole wall would have collapsed.

After, we watched the rest of 24 and JUST finished about 30 minutes ago. That is.. one of the best damn series I have ever seen.

It’s been a good day.

We were supposed to go to church yesterday because it was Good Friday… but we all thought it was in the evening… but when we got there, the only thing that was happening was Youth, and I was in no mood to have to face SKYE. (*groan*) So we didn’t end up going. I feel really guilty about it now. It just didn’t end up FEELING like Good Friday because we didn’t end up going. Not good.

Dad woke me up this morning. He called me while he was driving on the freeway in Jakarta. I love it when he calls in to check in on me. He always calls when he’s on the freeway. I think it may be because when we’re all in the car in Jakarta, everyone’s usually asleep and I’m the one that stays awake and keeps him company. I miss him so much.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty uneventful day. And I tell you, after watching what Jack Bauer went through in 24, I am DAMN GLAD it was uneventful.

“She could be a real dog”

Well, I watched You’ve Got Mail tonight. Man, I love that film. Maybe it’s because I – unlike so many others – get internet relationships.

Anyway… Les and I were going to go on a bit of a Mraz stakeout (or search, rather) because Kat never got back to me, which I’m pretty pissed off about… Oh well.. can’t do anything about it now. Well, not with the help of Kat anyway.

So.. I’m bored.. and I have a headache… and I can’t be bothered really doing anything. Not the best combination if you ask me. Although I can definitely think of some worse combinations…

For example:
A KKK member in the middle of Harlem;
N in a pool of sharks;
Jen in a pool of Ns;
Orange Juice and milk;
Toothpaste and orange juice;
Jennifer Love Hewitt and John Mayer;
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

Some good combinations:
Jen in a pool of John Mayers;
Jen in a pool of Jason Mrazes;
Jen in a pool;
Jen + a record deal;
Jen + touring the US.

Catching Up.

Nothing much has been happening these last few days. So here’s a few of the highlights that I can think of:

§ On Wednesday a took Vanina to get her tongue pierced at Steel Candy. Such a brave girl… lol. She even got a discount because I took her there!

§ I’ve been practicing with the band a few times a week. We have a gig coming up and we’re SO not ready. So much more practice needed! aargh!

§ On Sunday night, Ruth had her birthday bash at the OBH. It’s this bar that all the country folk go to. It wasn’t bad actually. There were so many people from highschool there and it was great catching up with them all again. After the bar, we were supposed to meet at Club Bayview but we rocked up early, and it was completely empty. So Les, Sandy and I went to Oriels instead.

§ My dog, Jaxon, died yesterday morning in Indonesia. 🙁 We don’t know what he died of, but he’s always been a weak dog. *sigh* So sad…


Well, I got my labret pierced yesterday. I was really nervous, and it frickin’ hurt like hell… but it’s ok now. It just feels a little uncomfortable, and I’m definitely not used to it yet.

Hmm.. besides that, nothing much has happened. I went to see Sandy for the first time in WEEKS right after i got the labret done… she was always telling me NOT to get it, but she was actually rather impressed with it. So yay.

Now, all I have to do, is tell my ‘rents.

Les dragged me to this get together at an old school friend’s house. Shyeah right… get together.. now THAT was an understatement. 5 people watching ‘Stepmom’. I didn’t even hang out with the other 3 people when we were in school!

We left early, making a stupid excuse about having another thing with a different friend… we came back to my place and cooked fried rice! lol…