Next Stop: NEW YEARS!


Only a few more days left of 2003. Hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas. My cousin, Caz, and her husband Brett have been staying with us. Christmas was great. As always, we opened the presents at midnight, which is always so annoying because I don’t like waking up in the morning with no presents to open. But, oh well.

Presents received include:
-LOTS of jewellery
-A scarf Caz made
-A beautiful handmade recycled notebook (that is too damn nice to use)

So yes. It was a great Christmas indeed.

It’s 9.06am and I just finished packing. We’re going to Club Med Bali for New Years. I’m pretty psyched because it feels like we haven’t been in ages. I’m really looking forward to it. So, you all have a great New Years, and I shall see you in 2004.

Happy Birthday, Jen

Well, my birthday has come and gone. It was good – although I was disappointed that some of my friends (especially 2 of my best friends) didn’t even call me up to wish me a happy birthday. *sigh*

Jackie and Tina had to work at 3am on my bday, so they woke me up and brought a bunch of balloons into my room. They bought me the Special Edition bottle of CK One, a gorgeous red Prada wallet, and a CK makeup bag. Melissa got me a manuscript book with quotes by famous musicians. I went back to sleep after, and woke up at around 7:30 am to watch Jackie and Tina on tv.

We spent the first half the day at home, just chilling out. Jackie and Tina had a bit of a snooze for a while and then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Yummeh.

Then Tina, Mel and I went to church for the youth service and Jackie went off to a party (which, I must admit, I’m a little disappointed about. I can’t believe she didn’t spend the day with me. It was my birthday for fuck’s sake.)

After Youth Tina, Mel and I went to watch Hollywood Homicide. Not the best of movies but oh well.

Mum and Dad weren’t here to share my birthday with me which bummed me out. They are arriving from Scotland tonight. I can’t wait to see them.

Well, besides all my complaints, it was a good day. It was really thoughtful of Jackie and Tina to bring me balloons and all that. They can be the sweetest sisters 🙂


Someone once told me that being bored was a choice. I was pretty offended when he told me that… because he made it sound like I was some idiot who never got off her arse for more than 5 minutes.

But I guess it’s true in most cases. But in my defense I would like to point out that, as I have mentioned in so many other bitch-sessions, there really isn’t much to do here if you can’t drive. And GRR. I’m not allowed to drive.

Damn the bloody damn traffic damn bloody damn.

Tina went on a date tonight. It’s her first proper date since she met her ex ex boyfriend over 5 years ago. Wow. Anyway, it was so cute seeing her get all excited and nervous and stuff. She showed me 2 pairs of black shoes that were practically identical and asked me which one I liked better… Why on EARTH have so many shoes that are the same color and type? That’s like having 7 bright red ferraris – each for a different day of the week.