Next Stop: NEW YEARS!


Only a few more days left of 2003. Hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas. My cousin, Caz, and her husband Brett have been staying with us. Christmas was great. As always, we opened the presents at midnight, which is always so annoying because I don’t like waking up in the morning with no presents to open. But, oh well.

Presents received include:
-LOTS of jewellery
-A scarf Caz made
-A beautiful handmade recycled notebook (that is too damn nice to use)

So yes. It was a great Christmas indeed.

It’s 9.06am and I just finished packing. We’re going to Club Med Bali for New Years. I’m pretty psyched because it feels like we haven’t been in ages. I’m really looking forward to it. So, you all have a great New Years, and I shall see you in 2004.

My Commodore.

Well, today I am going to be picking up my Commodore. Ok so it’s not REALLY mine. I get to pretend it’s mine for 3 days though!

We’re going up to Lancelin this weekend. It’s Ruth’s birthday party tomorrow and we’re all driving up there to see her. It’s going to be crowded and loud.. and FULL of drunk people… *sigh* but we’re good friends so I shall go.

I’m getting a little annoyed with everyone because I seem to be the one that is trying to plan everything and I hate it when that happens. And now my plans are ruined….

The Plan:
Les and Suzanne are going up together in Suz’s car.
Sandy, Z and I would go up in the Commodore.

But then, Sandy invited Lyndon and his friend Judd, which means that poor Z may have to go with Suz! AND.. to make things worse… Katerina FINALLY called up to say that she was coming which means that she has to go with Suz too! I don’t even know if that’s OK with Suz! It’s not like I have a problem with Lyndon.. he’s a really awesome guy.. I just wanted everyone to be comfortable and everything and I don’t think it’s going to be like that now.

AND to make things even worse… Les doesn’t want to stay the night up there, which means that a bunch of people may have to go home early. And that’s not cool.


But hey… at least I’M ok. I HAVE A COMMODORE.

No Such Thing

Groove FM is playing John Mayer’s No Such Thing, which is a bit of a surprise considering that Groove FM are an R&B + Dance station. A good surprise.

Good on you, Groove FM!

I was watching Conan O’Brien last night and one of his guests was this old woman.. in her 60’s, I’d say… who has a show on the Oxygen Network in the US that is all about sex toys and masturbation and stuff. She brought all these different vibrators onto the show and was passing them around to Tom Selleck and some WWF wrestler dude who were sitting next to her, giggling away. Anyway, she took out this great big strap-on dildo and said, “Now, this… THIS is called ‘The Accommodator’.” She then proceeded to put it on but this was no ordinary trap-on dildo – NAY – this was a strap-on dildo that strapped on to your chin.

Now, just imagine this for a minute – a cute little old woman with a dildo strapped to her chin.

Conan didn’t look too pleased. Tom Selleck did though.

Here’s the weird thing though. Why is it that a fake penis can be shown on network television.. but a real penis can’t? Maybe it’s the balls. Men, cut off your balls so I can see more dicks on tv. Oh wait. All I have to do is flip to CNN and I’m saturated with dicks. Bush, Hussein, Blair. Blair’s a nice looking dick though.

An email to Jordan.

Hey Jay Jay! hehehe

Sounds like you’re having a blast over there in Melbourne. You lucky bastard, you. Don’t forget to buy lots of crap that you’re never going to use and a souvenir for yourself that actually has MELBOURNE written on it. You need proof that you actually went. For all you know, I could be in Zimbabwe watching some psycho cheetah attack a poor and helpless gazelle in the African plains, sipping tea and talking with the natives. Did you know that there’s a tribe in Africa whose people have only two toes? They have these weird feet that sort of end in a V shape. Uber weird, I’m telling you.

Anyway, I have some bad news. I have misplaced your lyrics. I would like to say that I’ve been working on them but I haven’t because I’ve been lazy. I could lie to you and tell you that I’ve been hard at work planning this gig of ours, but lying isn’t nice. And you’d probably KNOW that I’m lying because, well, come on… JEN??? WORKING ON TAFE SHIT???? “I don’t think so,” says the world. Jen + tafe work = a bad headache and a stream of blood pouring from Scott’s head. We’re like water and oil, we are. (eerr… I’m talking about tafe work and me.. not Scott and me.)

I’ve gone way off track. Like I said, I’ve misplaced your lyrics because I suck… but it’s ok.. I really need some more input from you or something. If you can sort of get some melodies into your head and onto a tape it would be easier for Rob and I to try to get an idea of what you want.

Ok.. I’m going now. I need to work on my website.
Check it out by the way.. it’s a brand spanking new one –

Take care!!


24- all day long.

Phew what a DAY.

I am lucky enough to have Foxtel and Zehra and I have been watching 24 all day. It started last night at around 10pm and I watched 5 episodes but at around 2:30am I got tired and headed to bed. I woke up at around 11am and went downstairs and continued watching. Zehra had fallen asleep at 9am and woke up when I sat down. So she debriefed me on what I had missed and then we both continued watching.

I was interrupted from my 24-fest by Adam, who came over because I promised him I’d go out and buy a guitar with him. So we quickly went out and he bought an Epiphone acoustic for $309 – a bloody bargain, I tell you!!! He’s so proud of it.

When we got back to my place, Adam helped me drill holes into my wall to stick up my awesome cd rack. I tell you something… Adam is NO handyman. Sorry Ads. lol If I hadn’t come to help him, I think my whole wall would have collapsed.

After, we watched the rest of 24 and JUST finished about 30 minutes ago. That is.. one of the best damn series I have ever seen.

It’s been a good day.

We were supposed to go to church yesterday because it was Good Friday… but we all thought it was in the evening… but when we got there, the only thing that was happening was Youth, and I was in no mood to have to face SKYE. (*groan*) So we didn’t end up going. I feel really guilty about it now. It just didn’t end up FEELING like Good Friday because we didn’t end up going. Not good.

Dad woke me up this morning. He called me while he was driving on the freeway in Jakarta. I love it when he calls in to check in on me. He always calls when he’s on the freeway. I think it may be because when we’re all in the car in Jakarta, everyone’s usually asleep and I’m the one that stays awake and keeps him company. I miss him so much.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty uneventful day. And I tell you, after watching what Jack Bauer went through in 24, I am DAMN GLAD it was uneventful.


Yay! I’ve finally finished the site! Everything is working – I think – except for any links going to or since I haven’t started building those sites yet.

Ugh.. I am SO relieved to be finished with this one. Now all I have to worry about is actually WRITING in it! I’m doing a pretty good job so far…

By the way, H A P P Y | G O O D | F R I D A Y.

Catching Up.

Nothing much has been happening these last few days. So here’s a few of the highlights that I can think of:

§ On Wednesday a took Vanina to get her tongue pierced at Steel Candy. Such a brave girl… lol. She even got a discount because I took her there!

§ I’ve been practicing with the band a few times a week. We have a gig coming up and we’re SO not ready. So much more practice needed! aargh!

§ On Sunday night, Ruth had her birthday bash at the OBH. It’s this bar that all the country folk go to. It wasn’t bad actually. There were so many people from highschool there and it was great catching up with them all again. After the bar, we were supposed to meet at Club Bayview but we rocked up early, and it was completely empty. So Les, Sandy and I went to Oriels instead.

§ My dog, Jaxon, died yesterday morning in Indonesia. 🙁 We don’t know what he died of, but he’s always been a weak dog. *sigh* So sad…