Getting a little better…

Well, for some strange reason, my journal login site wasn’t working.. so I had to wait ALL day in hopes that it would be fixed by the time I went online again. And yay! It’s fixed! So I’m over it now.

I was very very depressed after I got back from Oriel last night. I came online.. and the person mentioned in my previous entry was online. Said person left about 5 minutes after I logged on… which upset me quite a bit… 🙁

I spent the whole night tossing and turning, completely miserable… and my throat was torturing me like crazy. I ended up jumping out of bed at around 3am to come back online again!

But, being online reminded me of said person and I promptly logged out and tried to sleep. I had almost run out of lozenges, so I went downstairs and made a hot cup of tea, and curled up in my chaise. I slept very well, for about 2 hours, until it got very hot, and I had to crawl into bed and turn the fan on. I slept in until I was woken up by an sms from Tweedy at 11:45am, asking me for Les’ mobile number. grrrr…

I felt a lot better today.. It was a very quiet day in, which was great. I didn’t talk for very long online, and opted to just curling up in bed and staying under the covers for a while. It was nice 🙂

The Melbourne comedy festival held this comedy gala to raise money for Oxfam. They had all these famous Australian stand-up comedians; it was great. Will Anderson, a radio celebrity over here, was hosting it.. and I have to tell you… I had never seen him before.. and he… is… gorgeous… he can quaffle me anytime.

Just got back from Oriel not more than 10 minutes ago. Les dropped by, and I was in need of a freezoccino.. so we went back…

Anyway, I leave you now with one word: Bleh

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