“She could be a real dog”

Well, I watched You’ve Got Mail tonight. Man, I love that film. Maybe it’s because I – unlike so many others – get internet relationships.

Anyway… Les and I were going to go on a bit of a Mraz stakeout (or search, rather) because Kat never got back to me, which I’m pretty pissed off about… Oh well.. can’t do anything about it now. Well, not with the help of Kat anyway.

So.. I’m bored.. and I have a headache… and I can’t be bothered really doing anything. Not the best combination if you ask me. Although I can definitely think of some worse combinations…

For example:
A KKK member in the middle of Harlem;
N in a pool of sharks;
Jen in a pool of Ns;
Orange Juice and milk;
Toothpaste and orange juice;
Jennifer Love Hewitt and John Mayer;
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

Some good combinations:
Jen in a pool of John Mayers;
Jen in a pool of Jason Mrazes;
Jen in a pool;
Jen + a record deal;
Jen + touring the US.

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