April 28, 2003

Boy oh boy oh boy.

Got back from Lancelin yesterday morning. You wouldn’t believe how tired I was. It was so lovely up there though. I ended up having such a great time.

Everything sort of blew up on Friday night. I found out that Kat was going to bring her baby up to Lancelin and I wasn’t too happy because Sandy had decided to go with Les so I would have to be stuck with it. I’m not good with babies so I pretty fucking pissed about it. But when I told Sandy to come with me so that Kat and the baby could go with Les she kept making excuses until I found out that the real reason she didn’t want to come with me was because she wouldn’t have to pay me a measly 30 dollars to pay me back for the car. I still think she should pay me back since I rented it for my friends.

I was so mad. Friday night would have been a crappy night if Z and I hadn’t gone to see Jimeoin. I love that guy. He’s so adorable. It’s weird because the stuff he talks about isn’t that funny. But you just can’t help but laugh at the way he speaks.

I woke up at around 7am to pack for Lancelin. Then Z and I went to pick up the Commodore… but.. it wasn’t a Commodore.. it was a Ford Falcon! BOO HOO. But it’s ok.. it was still a fucking awesome car. No stick shift for 3 days!! Yeeha!

Kat came by at around 1pm…and it was so unbelievably good to see her again. 3 years of hardly any contact and then she’s here in Perth. She didn’t end up bringing her baby… THANK GOD! She wouldn’t have to walk around with Nakeesha clinging onto her all night.
We drove to Sandy’s house and I didn’t really talk much to her while we were waiting for Les and Suz to get there. And when they arrived, Lyndon and Sandy got in their car, and we were off.

The trip up there was really excellent. After living in cities all my life, I could so see myself living further out.

It was about 3:30pm by the time we got there. Suz missed the turn along the highway and we had to make a u-turn. As I was turning, a huge rigger was moving towards us…. we didn’t die though. 😉

The party ended up being fucking awesome. There were some old St Hilda’s girls there that I didn’t talk to but Belinda Gayley was there. I didn’t like her when I was at school, but she was really cool that night. She brought her boyfriend, Courtney, along and he was such a lovely guy – so friendly and fucking gorgeous. Damn her.

Sleeping in the car was fucking awful and I’m going to attempt to NEVER do that again unless I REALLY have to.
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