As I was about to bathe last night, I was disgusted to find a spider dangling right in the middle of my shower. And, as flattered as I was for the warm welcome home, I was still rather shitted to see him invading my personal space. Of course, there was no insect spray nearby, so I opted for my deoderant instead. It didn’t kill the little bastard – just stunned him into oblivion.. I thought it was best to leave him alone for the night and just go to sleep. Give him a few more hours to live. If he was still in there by the next morning, I wouldn’t be so merciful and would probably go and search for the RAID which is much more lethal than my ‘Fa – Mambo Sunset’ spray. Oh well. If he were to die… at least he’d smell nice.

Last night I had a fight with a friend of mine – a person who has been a significant part of my life for about 6 months or so. No, it wasn’t really a fight – it was basically me telling him what I didn’t like about him. Something I think he needed to hear since there was always this one thing that he didn’t like about me.. something so petty.. that prevented us from being together. And even though I resent him so fucking much for it, I can’t seem to get him out of my head.

Lastly, and most importantly of all, Tina called me up today to tell me that my great aunt passed away this afternoon.

“I pray that she found you through the darkness – that she has finally found her home.”

Rest In Peace.

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