Put your hands on…

Les, Ambs and I went to Fremantle the other day. We went to the market and got our palms read. I don’t really believe in fortune telling of any kind but I do find it interesting to hear some of the answers that people give.

The first thing the palm reader said when she looked at my hand was that I worry WAY too much. I worry about EVERYTHING and that, if I don’t stop, I will eventually worry myself sick. There were things in my childhood that caused all of this anxiety but I don’t need to be worried anymore because all of the really bad things have already passed.

She then said that I had a real affinity to water, and that I always tend to go and drown my sorrows by swimming, taking a bath or just having a shower. I apparently need a water feature in my room that will help me relax.

Oh, she also said that I will have 2 marriages – the first one ending because of infidelity. Oooh.. scandal! Ha ha. For some strange reason.. I have that it’ll be me that will do it. Quite scary actually. She didn’t talk about kids though. Perhaps I won’t have any?

She told me that I’m lacking zinc and calcium. I need to be more careful with the amount of soda drinks I consume. Meh… I love my orange Fanta.

All in all, it was very cool.

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