Happy New Year.

It’s 12.36am now and I just finished having a shower. The hotel has a band and dj playing until the wee hours of the morning but I thought I’d call it a night. The band counted down 5 minutes early! We were making our way down to the pool where the festivities were being held and the singer started to count down. We weren’t too happy about that but hey.. what can you do huh?

Hehe. They’re playing ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain right now. I fucking love this song.

“I came to get down… I came to get down.. so get out your seat and jump around…”

What are some memorable moments of 2004?
 – I finished  2 songs and recorded one of them.
 – I recorded a cover.
 – Falling in lust. 
 – Making it through 2 weddings.
 – Getting a tattoo.
 – I got my very first paying job.
 – Getting an operation.
 – And today, I went parasailing for the very first time.

So Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2005 will be filled with love, joy, hope and countless blessings.

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