Happy New Year.

It’s 12.36am now and I just finished having a shower. The hotel has a band and dj playing until the wee hours of the morning but I thought I’d call it a night. The band counted down 5 minutes early! We were making our way down to the pool where the festivities were being held and the singer started to count down. We weren’t too happy about that but hey.. what can you do huh?

Hehe. They’re playing ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain right now. I fucking love this song.

“I came to get down… I came to get down.. so get out your seat and jump around…”

What are some memorable moments of 2004?
 – I finished  2 songs and recorded one of them.
 – I recorded a cover.
 – Falling in lust. 
 – Making it through 2 weddings.
 – Getting a tattoo.
 – I got my very first paying job.
 – Getting an operation.
 – And today, I went parasailing for the very first time.

So Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2005 will be filled with love, joy, hope and countless blessings.


Arriving at the Conrad Hotel in Bali.

The lobby balcony overlooking the pool.

The main swimming pool.

The view of the hotel from the beach.

A traditional Balinese boat resting on the beach.

A cloudy day around the pools that surround the main pool.

Candlelight dinner.

Dreamland – a secluded beach in Uluwatu.

The bungalows built against the cliff face in Dreamlad.

Oyan and Arlene sunbathing.

Tina and her silly husband Arthur.

More pictures to come…

Dear God.

Am I not allowed to doubt Your existence when something like this has happened to a country already riddled with turmoil? My country?

I sit here drinking rosehip tea in a swanky hotel while thousands upon thousands have lost everything dear to them. And yes, I am so very grateful for all of my countless blessings. But I don’t understand this. I wish I could be like my sisters who say, “There is a reason for everything. When God closes a door, He opened a window” but I don’t see the silver lining in this. I don’t see the good that can come out of such tragedy. All those innocent children. All the homes.

I’m so mad at You right now. I don’t think I want to talk to You for a while.

Please Help!

I’m sure you have all heard about the awful happenings on my side of the world.. If you are able, please make a small donation to one of the following:

Action Against Hungerexternal link
CAREexternal link
Direct Relief Internationalexternal link
Doctors Without Bordersexternal link
International Aidexternal link
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societiesexternal link
International Medical Corpsexternal link
International Rescue Committeeexternal link
Mercy Corpsexternal link
Project Concern Internationalexternal link
UNICEFexternal link
U.N. World Food Programmeexternal link
World Concernexternal link

Every cent counts.

Why Christmas 2004 Will Blow.

+ My Christmas tree looks like a reject from Liberace’s House of Crap. (Liberace said, “Are you joking? It’s too gay – even for me!”)
+ My two older sisters have moved out and started their own families. Although that’s a good thing 363 days of the year, it is not cool on my birthday and Christmas.
+ There’s no snow.
+ It’s not cold at all.
+ We don’t have enough decorations up because they’d clash with our Liberace Tree.
+ There’s no snow.
+ I have no one to kiss under the mistletoe.
+ We have no mistletoe.
+ There’s no snow.
+ There’s no snow.
+ There’s no snow.


So I’m Christmas shopping at Plaza Senayan when I suddenly bump into San May Tan – an old friend from St Hilda’s. We were best friends while boarding together back in Perth but we hadn’t seen each other since last year sometime when we happened to bump into each other again at the airport. She was in Indonesia for her brother’s wedding.

Last night I went to the wedding which was lovely. But the best part was going to Ex Lounge and Vertigo after with May, her cousin Chuan, May’s brother and new sister in law and a bunch of her brother’s friends. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long long time. By the end of the night, the groom was smashed, the best man was smashed…Chuan was pretty close to smashed and I’m pretty sure May was pretty close to smashed too. Oh! And May decided to stay another night because we were invited to Ex Lounge’s grand opening on Friday night.

Here’s to old friends and new friends that need to see each other more often.
Nice try getting me drunk, May, but you failed terribly. Mua ha.