Australia VS England

Today is the finals for the Rugby World Cup. Australia VS England. Oh boy. What fun… Apparently The Shangri-La Hotel is having this Rugby special starting at 3pm until late. Ugh… Just imagine: a bunch of smelly loud men shouting “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” while being completely shitfaced. Meh.. the English lads won’t be any better. I tell you… I would NOT like to be staying at the Shangri-La tonight!

My sister Melissa has suddenly become very very patriotic since the World Cup has been playing on the team. I have been the complete opposite. I’ve been cheering for whatever other team is playing. My favourite rugby team has got to be the All Blacks from NZ… although I can’t say I’ve ever watched a whole game yet. So I was rather annoyed to find out that Australia had thrashed them.

Melissa came down the stairs today with the Australian flag painted on her face. The most adorable thing about it was the fact that because she had painted it on herself, and was using a mirror, it’s back to front! lmao. She is so fucking adorable, that girl. I let her paint the Union Jack on my face.

The match has now been playing for about 35 mins and I am upstairs on the computer because, honestly, I really don’t care who wins… but I’m kinda secretly hoping England do – mostly just to piss off my family.

I’ll probably watch the last 5 minutes of it or so. Hehe.

Catching Up..

I am getting very bad at writing in here. I’m talking to 4 people online while trying to write, and I’m failing rather miserably. I used to be good at this. Maybe turning 22 has made me slow. LoL.

So yes. Things have been rather quiet since my birthday. I went to Singapore for medical reasons… to see some specialists and all that… and while I was there I met up with an old friend again which was lovely 🙂

Singapore is a great little city but staying there for 5 days was just too much for me. 3 days would really suffice. By the 4th day of shopping, you end up buying all this shit just for the sake of buying shit. It’s terrible. I spent a disgusting amount of money on the last 2 days I was there just because I didn’t want to stay in the hotel room. And I don’t usually like going out somewhere without coming back with something… so… I.. just spent a shit-load of money on practically nothing, mostly.

We FINALLY finished recording ‘Beautiful’. Thank God. It took all day to get my vocals right and by the end of it my voice was pretty shot to hell. But at least it’s done. Only one more song to go!

I finally have my guitar after weeks without it… and the nails on my left hand are short again 🙁 It’s rather annoying – one of the reasons why I can never get Franch manicures and all that. Damn short nails. I wish there were some bloody way I could keep my long nails while still being able to play.

I’ve made a new layout and I’m still deciding whether or not I should post it up in the next couple of days.. or now… or whether I should wait until the end of the month. I haven’t really used this one for very long though, have I?

Nothing to really say…

I was in the mood to write even though I really can’t think of anything that is worth writing. Sorry to all of those who checked out the site I plugged yesterday. It opened up in the damn frame so you couldn’t see it properly! Lol. Oh well…

I’m talking to some friends online right now: Natasha and Carissa. 🙂 Natasha just had a baby. Unebelievable. I saw a pic of him and I cried… what a miracle.

Yesterday, I went in to record some vocals… but I didn’t end up doing too much because my voice just wasn’t strong enough – my being sick and all. So I had to just do backing vocals and come back once I’m feeling better. The song is sounding GREAT though. All the boys need to do now is record the cello and the rest of my vocals.. and then we’re good to go. I shall have to upload a snippet of it on here once we’re done 🙂

Ok ok.. enough crap.


So, yesterday I went to hand over some CDs to Leny. Little did I know that I was going to be meeting up with some image consultants. Leny had decided that I should meet them so they could get to know me and see where I should be placed in the market. They asked me what kind of music I was into, what kind of clothes I wear during performances, what my favourite colors are, how I want to come across… all that 🙂 It was very interesting! I told them a bit about myself… and they were so excited to work with me that it just became really great talking to them.

Don’t you just love talking to people who are excited about your craft as YOU ARE?

Anyway, they are writing up a proposal to show me how they can help me… I’m really excited 🙂

Happy Birthday, Jen

Well, my birthday has come and gone. It was good – although I was disappointed that some of my friends (especially 2 of my best friends) didn’t even call me up to wish me a happy birthday. *sigh*

Jackie and Tina had to work at 3am on my bday, so they woke me up and brought a bunch of balloons into my room. They bought me the Special Edition bottle of CK One, a gorgeous red Prada wallet, and a CK makeup bag. Melissa got me a manuscript book with quotes by famous musicians. I went back to sleep after, and woke up at around 7:30 am to watch Jackie and Tina on tv.

We spent the first half the day at home, just chilling out. Jackie and Tina had a bit of a snooze for a while and then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Yummeh.

Then Tina, Mel and I went to church for the youth service and Jackie went off to a party (which, I must admit, I’m a little disappointed about. I can’t believe she didn’t spend the day with me. It was my birthday for fuck’s sake.)

After Youth Tina, Mel and I went to watch Hollywood Homicide. Not the best of movies but oh well.

Mum and Dad weren’t here to share my birthday with me which bummed me out. They are arriving from Scotland tonight. I can’t wait to see them.

Well, besides all my complaints, it was a good day. It was really thoughtful of Jackie and Tina to bring me balloons and all that. They can be the sweetest sisters 🙂

Happy Birthday Eve.

2 hours until it is my birthday. I’m usully really excited about my birthday, but this year it feels different.

I feel very alone.

– Perhaps it is because my parents aren’t here – they’re in Scotland. I got a text message from my dad this evening. He’s sounding very happy to be back there. It’s the first time he’s been back in about 25 years. And I’m happy that he’s happy – because he so deserves it.

– Perhaps it is because my friends – my real frieds – won’t be here to celebrate it with me. The people I meet tomorrow will be mere acquaintences.

– Perhaps it it because my little sister is so distant. We’re growing apart and that upsets me so. I guess it was inevitable.

– Perhaps it is because I don’t have someone who loves me. Someone to tell me that I’ve made their life just a little more easy to bear. Someone to hold at night.

Here’s to new friendships.

I met a very cool new friend online today. I was checking out TDO and came across Kalen’s website and we just had a chat on AIM. What a lovely young man. After a while we realised what sad cases we both were.. lol.

*sigh* Kalen made me realise how much I miss my friends in Perth. I’m really sick of having these friends here that I can’t really confide in. I’m sick of keeping everything in and not being able to rant and rave to a person I know won’t judge me. I’m sick of the weather… and I’m sick of the traffic most of all. I miss driving. I miss the clean air. I miss late night coffee sessions. I miss being able to call my friends up for a chat whenever I want to.

But it hasn’t been all bad. It’s really wonderful to be back with my family. The Clan, back together at last! And it’s great how much I’ve bonded with Jackie and Tina – two people that are so close to me yet so distant in almost everything BUT dna. It’s been really nice not fighting every single day, like we used to. It’s very bizarre actually.

My birthday is in November, and my parents will be arriving in town from Austria late on that day. *sigh* I predict another boring birthday. How sad. I should have a party. Oh pssssht. I can’t complain. Last year, JOHN MAYER sang happy birthday to me. And my cousins and parents went all the way to Perth just to be with me. It wasn’t all that bad. Actually, it was wonderful.

A very looong and slightly unproductive day.

Ok, well, I got back from recording about 30 minutes ago and I am so pooped I tell you. I got to the studio at 1pm but, because someone else was using it, we ended up starting at around 5pm. Grr. And THEN… we had some tech problems. But thank God we recorded the part that I had to do. Basically, I had to sing over a track as a guideline of how the song is supposed to go. I can chill tomorrow but I think we’re going to actually do my vocal tracks on Wednesday or Thursday.

The good thing is that I got to have a chat to Erick and get to know him a bit better. He’s 26 and although he’s Indonesian, he’s lived in Singapore and LA for most of his life. He’s married, and his wife is also Indonesian but has lived abroad. It was really cool to be able to just chit chat about nothing and everything with him. He has such faith in me and really believes that I can make it. It’s so refreshing to be around people who are so positive!

Happy Fasting for all those Muslims! It was SO fuckin’ nice on the roads today. NO TRAFFIC JAMS! The Fasting month is THE best time of the year to visit. No jams, not as much pollution – Aaah.

Heaven… I’m in Heaven.. and my heart beats so that I can hardly speeeeeak….


*sigh* The day seems to be going by so slowly. I hate waiting around. But sitting here on the computer isn’t exactly helping. I should be doing something. But man, I really can’t be bothered doing ANYTHING at all right now.
I missed a gym session today. I feel really guilty now… I should’ve gone.. at least the time would’ve flown by a little faster. AND I wouldn’t be feeling the guilt that seems to be creeping up from my stomach. It’s ok. It’s ok. You can go tomorrow. You can go tomorrow. Just eat well today, and it’ll be fine.


Right now, my parents are packing. Their plane leaves tomorrow morning and then I will be alone again… Completely alone. Yes, I have friends. But I will be in this house alone, even with them right here next to me.


I’ve had some weird dreams the last couple of days…

The first one was about Edward Norton. I was his girlfriend for the first half of the dream. We were on some kind of cruise ship and this gorgeous yacht was being towed along behind it. I don’t really remember much about it – just that something bad happened to this cruise ship so EN and I got onto the yacht.. but then the yacht started getting eaten by sharks. I think this is when I turned into EN. The rest of the dream was basically about my girlfriend and I being chased by sharks. It was a pretty scary dream.

This disagreeable swimmer is an omen of danger from dishonest friends or associates; be extra cautious in all financial matters for the time being.

Whether powered by sail, steam, or motor, ships in your dream are an augury of profitable ventures. To be in a shipwreck portends a situation in which you will have to defend your reputation. To see or build a model of a ship promises a mad new love affair within the year. A single battleship seen in your dream indicates an improvement in your living conditions; a fleet of ships is a sign of business success. In any dream of ships, the condition of the water and weather must be taken into consideration.

If you dreamed of handling or observing the sails on a boat, it predicts approaching happiness; to dream that you were sailing under pleasant conditions and with favorable winds predicts prosperity, but uncomfortably choppy seas or dead calm portends disappointment. If you dreamed of sailing into harbor in a small boat, the forecast is of sudden success or unexpected good fortune.

The augury of this emotion depends on the action. If you had a sudden fright, it indicates an unexpected success in some current activity; if your feeling of fright was general and/or steady, it indicates that whatever your current fears are they will not materialize; however, if you dreamed of deliberately frightening another person, you can expect reverses due to your lack of judgement.


Well, Zehra moved out a bunch of her stuff today. She’s staying at her flat again. It feels very weird to be staying all alone again. But it’s only for one night anyway. Mum, Dad and Mel are going to be arriving tomorrow night. I’m pretty excited about it but at the same time, I’m kinda wishing they would postpone it until Sunday… that way I can actually have some time alone. I need to re-adjust to living all by myself. If people keep staying over, it’ll take ages for me to get used to it again :/

Anyway, it’s been a pretty boring day. I’m feeling a little depressed actually. I was talking to Rob a few days ago and he told me that him, Thyrza, Vic and Ella performed at an open mic night and they did so well that they’ve been ask to do a gig at Mojo’s in a couple of weeks’ time. I just feel so jealous. I’m so scared to go out on stage by myself but I know I should… and to be asked to perform a proper gig? That would be AWESOME.