Mum’s and Mel’s last day…

Well, like the title says, it’s mum’s and mel’s last day here. They leave tomorrow at around 11am. 🙁 I’m really sad to see them go. It’s tough being the only one over here, when everyone else is in Jakarta.

My mother and I didn’t get along the first few days she was here. AT ALL. We fought and fought… and then, on Good Friday, we had a huge shouting contest in the car on the way to church! Poor Mel was sitting in the back probably feeling VERY uncomfortable, while I was driving and Mum was in the passenger seat. I got so fed up with it all I dropped Mum and Mel at church and drove off. Ouch.

But things are good now. I think my mum knows that I was right about some of the things that I said during the fight and she respects me a lot more now.

We’re going to Carousel later. I haven’t been there for ages! It’s funny because I’m a mall freak – well, I am in Jakarta – but here, I really don’t go that often.. not to browse around anyway…

I’m so sad to see them go 🙁 As much as I like it here on my own, it does get lonely, even with the friends here.

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