Well, I got my labret pierced yesterday. I was really nervous, and it frickin’ hurt like hell… but it’s ok now. It just feels a little uncomfortable, and I’m definitely not used to it yet.

Hmm.. besides that, nothing much has happened. I went to see Sandy for the first time in WEEKS right after i got the labret done… she was always telling me NOT to get it, but she was actually rather impressed with it. So yay.

Now, all I have to do, is tell my ‘rents.

Les dragged me to this get together at an old school friend’s house. Shyeah right… get together.. now THAT was an understatement. 5 people watching ‘Stepmom’. I didn’t even hang out with the other 3 people when we were in school!

We left early, making a stupid excuse about having another thing with a different friend… we came back to my place and cooked fried rice! lol…

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