Someone once told me that being bored was a choice. I was pretty offended when he told me that… because he made it sound like I was some idiot who never got off her arse for more than 5 minutes.

But I guess it’s true in most cases. But in my defense I would like to point out that, as I have mentioned in so many other bitch-sessions, there really isn’t much to do here if you can’t drive. And GRR. I’m not allowed to drive.

Damn the bloody damn traffic damn bloody damn.

Tina went on a date tonight. It’s her first proper date since she met her ex ex boyfriend over 5 years ago. Wow. Anyway, it was so cute seeing her get all excited and nervous and stuff. She showed me 2 pairs of black shoes that were practically identical and asked me which one I liked better… Why on EARTH have so many shoes that are the same color and type? That’s like having 7 bright red ferraris – each for a different day of the week.

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