So I’m Christmas shopping at Plaza Senayan when I suddenly bump into San May Tan – an old friend from St Hilda’s. We were best friends while boarding together back in Perth but we hadn’t seen each other since last year sometime when we happened to bump into each other again at the airport. She was in Indonesia for her brother’s wedding.

Last night I went to the wedding which was lovely. But the best part was going to Ex Lounge and Vertigo after with May, her cousin Chuan, May’s brother and new sister in law and a bunch of her brother’s friends. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long long time. By the end of the night, the groom was smashed, the best man was smashed…Chuan was pretty close to smashed and I’m pretty sure May was pretty close to smashed too. Oh! And May decided to stay another night because we were invited to Ex Lounge’s grand opening on Friday night.

Here’s to old friends and new friends that need to see each other more often.
Nice try getting me drunk, May, but you failed terribly. Mua ha.

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