I am in my mid thirties. Thinking about this fact makes me hyperventilate.

I am eurasian.

I am a singer-songwriter/headcase hiding at an art school trying ever so hard to delay the inevitable nightmare known as ‘real life’.

I spend the majority of my time thinking about the following:

  • why all my favourite loose leaf teas have seriously wanky names like “buddha tears”, “songbird”, “white dragon oolong” and “field of dreams”;
  • whether or not art school is going to suck all the creativity out of me so that by the time I am finished I will be an empty shell of a musician – uninspired and depressed- with songs that are over 10 years old;
  • where on earth contemporary vampires hang out and how I could get one to turn me. Yes, I really do believe in them and yes, I want to live forever.

I love sculling soft drinks so fast that they give me goosebumps and make my eyes water.

I met Princess Diana in the flesh.

I collect oracle cards.

I used to be an avid youtuber. You can view my videos here.

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